You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of Your Debt Collectors

Many people have debts that have gotten out of hand and have gotten away from them. When these debts become overdue, creditors often hire a debt collection agency, or sell their overdue debts to a debt collector. The debt collector then begins the process of trying to collect on the debt from the debtor. Debt collectors are notorious for behaving badly and even using illegal tactics to squeeze payments from debtors. Debt collectors were so terrible to debtors that special laws were created to protect consumers from overly aggressive debt collectors and their unfair debt collection practices and techniques.


The FDCPA Protects Consumers


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects consumers from being abused and mistreated by debt collectors. Some of the protections offered under the law include:


  • Debtors cannot be harassed by debt collectors.
  • Debt collectors can only call debtors at certain times of day and only at certain places (e.g., not at work if such calls are not allowed by the employer).
  • Debt collectors cannot discuss a debtor’s debts with anyone other than the debtor.
  • Debt collectors cannot contact the debtor’s friends, family or coworkers, except to locate the debtor.
  • Debt collectors cannot tell anyone that the debtor has outstanding debts, or how much those alleged debts are.


The fact that these protections have to exist in the form of a law suggests that debt collectors often go to great lengths to collect from consumers. This can generate a sense of fear in the consumer. When consumers are scared of debt collectors, they are unlikely to stand up for themselves and their rights and will forego taking action against abusive debt collectors when they absolutely should. When you are facing a debt collector that is consistently aggressive, abusive and engaging in illegal debt collection practices, it is critical that you work closely with an experienced debt defense lawyer so that you can get the justice and relief that you deserve.


Just Because You Owe Money Does Not Mean You Deserve To Be Mistreated


Maybe the debts are a mistake, or there is confusion over whether the debts have been paid or not. Perhaps you did rack up those debts and failed to pay them on-time and in full. Whatever the case may be, even if you do in fact owe the outstanding amount, it does not give a debt collector the right to act unprofessionally and abusive towards you.


You do not have to be scared of your debt collectors, and you certainly should not allow them to bully or harass you. When debt collectors go too far, you need to take legal action against them to protect your rights and to put a stop to their inappropriate and illegal behavior.


Contact A New York Debt Defense Attorney


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