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Usually, when a consumer owes money, they often owe a lot and for a lot of different things. Having a lot of debt can be overwhelming, and having debt collectors coming after you doesn’t make matters any better or less stressful. When you are facing crushing debt and debt collectors are relentlessly pursuing you to pay up, you may need to consult with an experienced debt collection defense lawyer in New York.


Each of Your Debts is a Separate Matter


A lot of times when a person owes a debt, they don’t just owe a single debt. Consumers often owe multiple different debts for different things. When it comes to debt collection, consumers often do not know this. While your debt collector can hold multiple of your outstanding debts at one time, your debt collectors are required to treat each of your debts separately under the law.


Debt Collectors Must Treat Each of Your Debts Separately


Whenever a debt collector holds multiple debts for you, they are required to provide you with notice of each debt separately. That isn’t to say that you will receive one letter or one phone call for each of your debts, but it does mean that it should be clear to you what you allegedly owe on each debt account. If and when you dispute a debt, you must treat each debt separately, and the debt collector is also required to provide you with the written validation information concerning each separate debt you owe.


Additionally, if you become able to make payments on some of your debts, you get to choose which debt you want your payment to go towards. Your debt collector has no right to put your payment to any debt other than the debt you specify payment for. If a debt collector attempts to put your payment towards a different one of your debts, they may be violating the  Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).


Keep Careful Records of Your Communications with Debt Collectors


If you are interacting with a debt collector, it is important that you keep very good records of when you speak with the debt collector, and document what was discussed. Similarly, when you receive communications from your debt collectors in the mail, you should keep track of these documents. Also make copies of any communication that you send to the debt collector as well. It would be best to keep these communications in a file, in chronological order, so that there is a record of what was discussed and when. This information could be useful to your debt collection defense lawyer, in the event that you decide you need one.


Contact A New York Debt Defense Lawyer


A New York debt defense lawyer can help you understand your rights and the obligations imposed on debt collectors. We can help you if you are being mistreated or are the victim of abusive debt collection practices. Contact the Bromberg Law Office, P.C. to schedule an appointment today.