What Is a Debt Collector?

What Is a Debt Collector?

The FDCPA regulates the behavior only of “debt collectors.” It does not regulate the

behavior of any creditor that may have loaned you money. Two of the most common

types of debt collectors are “third-party debt buyers” and “debt collection law firms.”

Some of the most prominent examples of these types of debt collectors are listed below:

Third-party Debt Buyers

  • Arrow Financial Services, LLC
  • Asset Acceptance, LLC
  • Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC
  • LR Credit, LLC
  • LVNV Funding, LLC
  • Midland Funding, LLC
  • NCO Financial Systems, Inc.
  • Palisades Collections, LLC
  • Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
  • Unifund, Inc.

Debt Collection Law Firms

  • Selip and Stylianou, LLP
  • Daniels, Norelli, Scully & Cecere, P.C.
  • Eltman, Eltman & Cooper, P.C.
  • Forster & Garbus, LLP
  • Goldman & Warshaw, P.C.
  • Jaffe & Asher, LLP
  • Malen & Associates, P.C.
  • Mel S. Harris & Associates, LLC
  • Pressler & Pressler, LLC
  • Rubin & Rothman, LLC
  • Zwicker & Associates, P.C.