What Are Robocalls and How Can I Stop Them?

In this podcast, consumer attorney Brian Bromberg discusses the issue of Robocalls. He goes into detail about what a Robocall is, why it’s a violation of the TCPA, the types of compensation you are entitled to if you are receiving these types of calls, and how his firm can help you put a stop to them.

Below is the audio Podcast and a transcription of that audio.

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You may have heard of something called Robocalls. Most people don’t really know what they are. Essentially it is setting up a computer or a machine to auto-dial people. They continuously call hoping that people will pick up. Some people receive hundreds of calls Robo-dialed to their cell phones. Many times these calls are illegal. However, you do have remedies.

Most people don’t realize that there are remedies to stop this from happening. You can bring a lawsuit against the perpetrators. For every illegal call that has been made, you can recover anywhere from $500 to $1,500 in damages. This is true regardless of whether you pick up the call or not, or whether the calls are reflected on your phone bill or not. The calls will be reflected on the company’s out-going Robo-dialed caller. They have something called an automatic-dialer and it’s going to be reflected on that automatic-dialer. We can get those records in a lawsuit.

There are certain things that you have to be aware of though. If you gave them the expressed permission to call you on your cell phone, then in most cases, it’s legal for them to do so. You may have given a business your cell phone number at some point, but you do have the right to revoke that consent. You have the right to send a letter to them saying, ” You’re calling my cell phone and I request that you stop immediately”.

You need an experienced attorney on your side to get you out of this situation and to stop these calls that interrupt you while you’re trying to get your work done or while you’re trying to feed your family. I have almost 20 years experience doing consumer litigation. You need someone with this kind of experience in order to stop these calls. Call me today at 212-248-7906 to schedule a free consultation.