Common Types of Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits in NY are available to similarly situated individuals who have been harmed by a company.  After the class of plaintiffs has been certified by a judge, one or a few representative plaintiffs are designated to represent the entire class.  These representative plaintiffs work with the attorney representing the entire class to seek justice and obtain a damage award to be divided equally.


The purpose of this article is to outline common class action contexts.  If you have been harmed by a company, contact an experienced class action attorney in New York.


Common Basis for Class Action Lawsuits in New York


Product Defects: We live in the age of mass production.  Often, when a company defectively designs a product, hundreds, thousands, or sometimes even millions of defective products are sold to consumers.  It’s a nightmare situation in which a huge number of people get hurt.  You have probably heard of defects, recalls, and class action suits in the auto industry.  The automobile is a complex machine, involving many component parts.  When even one part is defective in a machine that is mass-produced and sold to consumers, the harm done can be substantial.  Unsurprisingly, the auto industry has seen a number of class action products liability lawsuits over the years.


Dangerous Pharmaceuticals: As with automobiles, pharmaceutical drugs are mass-produced.  When one pill of a drug is a bad, it’s all too often the case that millions of others of the same drug are as well.  The result, as with a defective automobile model, is that many consumers suffer harms.


Environmental Harms: Another basis for class action lawsuits in NY is environmental harms.  These harms included polluted air and water, and, as you would imagine, impact entire populations rather than individuals.  A population, given the fact that its members are similarly situated, is able to be certified as a class and sue the companies responsible for causing the environmental damage.


Financial Misconduct: Another basis for class action lawsuits in New York is financial misconduct.  Areas of misconduct include violations of securities law, fraud, and predatory lending.  Such unethical practices can have highly adverse impacts on a vast number of consumers.  When financial wrongdoing causes a large numbers of investors or customers to suffer the same type of harm, it is possible to bring a class action lawsuit against the financial companies responsible.


What To Do If You Have Been Harmed By A Company


If you have been harmed by a company, contact an experienced New York class action attorney.  Whether the industry is finance, the environment, pharmaceuticals, or the automotive sector, you may be eligible to join a class of similarly situated individuals to seek justice and compensation.  Class action litigation is highly complex.  For this reason, it is imperative that you rely on the skill and expertise of a class action attorney in NY.  There is strength in numbers, and even the most powerful and wealthy company can be held accountable.