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Sometimes when you as a consumer are hurt by a company, you are not the only one. Often when companies do wrong there are tens, or hundreds, or even thousands of consumers that they hurt. The individual harm done to each of those consumers alone might not be enough for them to go to court by themselves and stand up for their rights. But what if you could come together in a large group with all of the other people hurt by that company and fight back against them as one large team? That is what consumer class action litigation is all about.


What is  a Class Action?

You may know nothing about class action law. Or you may vaguely recall that once or twice in your life you have gotten a notice in the mail that you were part of a class, and then some time down the road you got a check in the mail from some company that was involved in a lawsuit, but you never really understood what was happening. We can explain.


In a class action instead of one individual suing, an entire class is sues a defendant. So in a consumer class action, an entire group of consumers who are similarly situated sue one company that injured all of those consumers in a similar way. Sometimes these lawsuits are federal and other times they are in state courts. Normally in these cases one or a few “named plaintiffs” volunteer to act as the representative for all of the members of the class. The named plaintiff is the one who actually works with the lawyers. The other members of the class normally do not have to do much, at least until a settlement with the company is proposed. In those cases efforts are made to contact each member of the class to give them notice of the proposed settlement and, depending on the specifics, they have an opportunity to opt in or opt out of the settlement.


What Consumer Protection Laws Can Result in Class Actions in NY?

A whole host of consumer protection situations can result in class actions. If a company has a history of committing the same bad acts over and over again in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act or the Truth in Lending Act, a class action may be appropriate. A class action can also be the appropriate way to fight back against a predatory lender if the lender has done the same thing to multiple consumers.


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