Becoming Part of A Consumer Class Action

Most consumers are unaware that a consumer class action is taking place that involves them in some way. You may own a defective product or have bought a service from a company that engages in deceitful business practices. While you personally may not have been injured by the defective product that you own, or may not personally have been harmed by the deceptive business practice, you are eligible for compensation either in the form of damages or replacement costs.

There are a number of consumer class actions going on around the country at this very moment, and many people are parties to these class actions, but they do not know it until they receive a notice concerning the class action lawsuit. To get an idea of just how many consumer class actions are pending, doing a quick internet search will retrieve a number of ongoing consumer class actions that people can participate in.


How Will I Know?

People who are considered part of the affected class in a class action lawsuit are notified in one of two ways.


  • Personal Notification That You Are Part of a Class Action. When you are identified as a potential injured party in a consumer class action lawsuit by the lawyers that are handling the class action, you will receive a letter in the mail or an email identifying you as part of the affected class. Generally, if you are identified as an injured party in a consumer class action lawsuit, you are automatically a party to the class action unless you opt out of the class. Some class actions, however, require you to submit a claim form to recover settlement funds.
  • Notification through Public Postings. Sometimes injured consumers need to come forward to identify themselves as members of a class action group. For example, if you paid cash to purchase a product, the seller or manufacturer may not know who you are. Therefore, some class actions are posted either in a newspaper or online, and those individual consumers who are eligible may follow instructions for submitting a claim form. This self-identification as a class member is often used in conjunction with class action lawyers’ efforts to identify injured parties. Injured parties that are not easy to readily identify may obtain relief by following instructions to submit claims forms.


What If You Disagree With The Class’s Position?

If you find that your interests are not being adequately served by the class action lawyers, you can elect to have your own legal counsel represent you as part of the class action. This means that you would hire your own lawyer to participate in the class action proceedings to ensure that your interests are represented. Alternatively, you can opt out of the class action and pursue your own individual claim against the business that harmed you.


Contact A New York Consumer Class Action Lawyer

A consumer class action lawsuit is intended to simplify matters and makes getting compensated easier when there are many affected parties. Contact a class action lawyer at the Bromberg Law Office, P.C. today to schedule an appointment to discuss your consumer class action concerns.